Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rhinebeck display

Once again I am in chicken-without-a-head mode and as usual, it involves sheep. I am trying desperately to get ready for Rhinebeck, more specifically the Coopworth sheep pens in the breed display barn.

The first year I had two weeks notice, and the display looked like this:


The second year I spent much more time and effort on it but the end result wasn't really what they were looking for:


I am taking another crack at it this year, but am helped along mightily by the scorecard they distributed explaining what they are looking for. Amazing how far a little guidance goes.

I have it all in my head, but I also have a headache and lots of tiredness in my head, and I am trying to keep a cold from setting up shop in the same place. It's been a battle, especially as there seems to be about eleventy million hamsters up there as well scurrying this way and that and preventing me from having any coherent train of thought whatsoever.

And, oh yeah, it's supposed to flurry or sleet, isn't quite sure yet, on Friday night, just after it rains while we are trying to set up.

I can't even think about the gear I have to pull out to try to keep us dry and warm. Right now just crawling into my bed for the next three days sounds like a really good proposition.

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  1. Can we import some sunshine from neighboring states? : )

    How about having your own table at the Montgomery Farmers Market next year? We would like you to join us. Let me know what you think. Organic lamb sausage sounds like a good plan.

    Btw, I am sure you know this...but I met a kind lady the other day who was using 'golden rod' from the garden to dye the wool. Very interesting.