Saturday, October 31, 2009

candy gathering

As y'all know... with germs and sheep and birthdays and other assorted craziness, things have gotten a little behind (even more so than usual) around here lately. One thing that suffered was the Halloween costume issue. As some of you know, I have a strict "no party store costume" policy, but I hadn't had the time or health to get the kids to the thrift store and we were up a creek.

As of Wednesday night, only Terzo had come up with a costume. He wanted to be Jack, from his beloved Magic Treehouse book series, but he was afraid that people wouldn't know who he was. So he went with explorer.


The other two are getting a little more difficult. (One of my friends sent her waffling 11 year old kid to school in the SpongeBob costume he wore in first grade -- she had forgotten that detail, and luckily, so had he. My kids never would have.) Primo turned 14 yesterday, and he wasn't even sure that he wanted to go out... and he hemmed and hawed until the very last minute... but finally decided on a costume that only required a new name tag and mug -- he already had the suit. Glad it is getting some sort of use.


Secondo though... I have to say that his is one of my favorite costumes of all time. We started with a $4 fleece throw from Walmart... cut holes for his arms... and then started gluing and sewing on assorted items, such as socks, candy wrappers, toy soldiers, legos, etc.

Can you guess what he is?




He went as his bedroom floor.


  1. Too funny!! Bedroom floor - love it!

    The corporate boss guy just kind of scares me! ;-)

  2. I was supposed to write ha ha ha here...but Terzo got my vote on his waterbed comment. This was funny too. I couldn't figure out what his costume was! very funny.

  3. your kids are so cool!
    Bedroom floor. Want to adopt him out to me? He has my sense of humor all ready!

  4. Each--again--outdid themselves! (as did you in helping them pull it off!)