Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tuesday quote

Sitting by the pool, under the overhang, trying to dry off while avoiding the inevitable rainstorm that blew in 5 minutes after my children jumped in:

Secondo: Primo, you have a mustache! Mom, did you see that Primo has a mustache?

Primo: So what? Mom has a mustache.

At this point, all three stare intently at my upper lip while I text-google the nearest salon for an emergency appointment.


  1. grooooooooooaaaaannnnnnn...........

  2. So you have joined the club. Kids are so generous!

  3. oh. those. boys.

    mrs. c

  4. OH! You are just too funny. Those kids---what WILL we do when they are grown and gone? Apparently we will live in blissful peace---with upper lip hair and all :0)!