Thursday, July 23, 2009

back to back

What could possibly be more fun than a neighboring 4-H county sheep show, in the rain, with wet sheep and wet boys?


Another 4-H county sheep show tomorrow, in a slightly more distant county, with a slightly greater chance of rain.

I am a glutton for punishment. Plus I like seeing a kid's delight when his ram lamb manages to win a "champion ram" sweatshirt for him.



  1. Better than being a mutton for punishment.

    Sibling of Occasional Domestic and Livestock Overseer

  2. Liz Russell and I came up your way yesterday.
    Went to WOOLBEARERS and Val's then past your place to the TP
    Maybe next time we can stop in.
    Hugs, M

  3. I think the sheep have the strongest claim to mutton for punishment. They were so happy to be turned out into their pasture last night.

    Margo, sorry I missed you! Wish we were around. I don't think we are getting to Salem this year. Kids and sheep are getting burned out. :o(