Thursday, July 16, 2009

a plethora of squash

Thanks to the excessively wet and cold weather we have experienced so far this "summer," our garden is woefully behind where it should be at this point. The only thing that is producing like crazy is our zucchini and yellow squash plants. The boys devoted a whole bed to them, and they are being rewarded with tons and tons of vegetables.

They failed to consider the consequences. An excess of zucchini means zucchini for dinner every night. And they are none too fond of it. This is just the tip of the iceberg...


Sunday night we had grilled zucchini and onions, compliments of their father.

Monday night I was working, so they escaped the zucchini juggernaut.

Tuesday night I made a fresh zucchini salad, though I substituted hot honey mustard for Dijon, and veggie dip for yogurt, and left out the chives altogether. (Still a delicious recipe well worth trying.)

Last night I made a skillet summer squash recipe (the internet is my friend when I have an excess of one ingredient) that was very good.

In desperation, the boys were driven to get their farmstand up and running today so they could move the zucchini and squash out of my sight, and then presumably I wouldn't be tempted to serve up yet another squashy side dish tonight.



(ETA: They came up with the name and sign themselves; I had nothing to do with it!)

Business is always better when some of the amigos are manning the stand.

DSCN0872 DSCN0874

Primo is experimenting with a value-added product, using his award-winning recipe for zucchini bread.


Last year Primo and Secondo each made about $50 and donated roughly the same amount to their 4H club. I'll keep you posted on how the amigos do this year. The older two are in agreement, however, that business is definitely strongest when "Little Neddy Nederlander" (aka Terzo) is out there with the goods.


  1. Good Luck with the stand. I will be sure to stop by.

    This is our favorite Zuc recipe
    Easy Zucchini Casserole - spray pan with olive oil spray - layer zuc, parm cheese, garlic powder, bread crumbs and spray until the pan is full (it sinks, fill it up) cover. I put the pan right on the grill when grilling or you can bake it. It takes a good 1/2 hour but varies with thickness.

  2. Yum, that sounds delicious! Guess I will have to buy some zucchini back from the stand so I can try it out this weekend.

  3. the squash monster has landed.. you can run but not hide.