Friday, January 30, 2009


As anyone who has spent any amount of time with my third son can attest, he is an inveterate thumbsucker. Regardless of the event or location, he is bound to be plugged in at some point, with his yellow "snuggie" firmly clutched in the other hand. Looking through our family pictures, I was struck by how many feature him sucking his thumb. It is an accurate reflection of how devoted he is to the practice.

IMG_2287 IMG_2525

IMG_4034 IMG_3454

IMG_0565 IMG_3770

We went to the dentist yesterday, and he had bad news for Terzo. All that thumbsucking is causing his teeth to shift, and he needs to stop as soon as possible. Terzo accepted the news calmly, and agreed that he would give up the thumb. He came back home and proudly announced to Primo that he was stopping, and then absentmindedly popped his thumb in his mouth just after making the pronouncement.

It's a very ingrained habit, but he was genuinely making the effort -- until bedtime. He settled down with his snuggie and I started reading a book, and his thumb automatically made its way into his mouth. I reminded him to take it out, and he smiled at me, and then the ENORMITY of what he was being asked to do hit him right between the eyes. His face crumpled and he started to sob with genuine grief and loss.

Poor kid! I am more than sympathetic. I was an unrepentant thumbsucker to the (gulp!) ripe old age of eight. I was fortunate to escape orthodonture, but he won't be so lucky. It's the thumb or $3000 -- ask Primo how I know the cost. Sorry bud, the thumb loses.


  1. Kat is a thumbsucker too. While Alex gave up his binkie cold turkey, it just isn't quite so easy with the thumb. I admit here that I sucked my thumb until I was about 5-ish myself. Good luck!

  2. Dang othodontia!

    Mrs. C