Sunday, January 18, 2009

spring in my step

We are not 100% positive -- indeed, true confirmation will only arrive in the form of delivered lambs -- but we are pretty sure that at least three of our ewes are pregnant. This was not a foregone conclusion, as our ram did a very poor job. In fact, he did such a poor job that he was fired and turned into sausage. (A ram might have a great job description, but the consequences of failure are pretty dire.)

I had steeled myself against his failure. As much as lambing is a lot of cold hard work and worry, it is also a lot of joy and fun as the unknown is revealed. I was more than a little bummed at the thought of no lambies bouncing around our farm this year. Nothing says spring like a group of lambs having lamb races and sproinging around the pasture.

But it seems that he managed to catch at least three girls, and our best guess is that we will have a few of these, come mid-February:


I can't wait! (Feel free to remind me of this state of excited anticipation when I start whining about the 2 am barn-check shift in about three weeks...)


  1. LAMBIES!!!! Can't wait! If you're done with that baby monitor for Terezo, you can use it for the barn...or is that too far a distance? I need me a Laurie's Lamb Cam :) Maybe you can have a Kris' Kritters Cam

  2. ; ) Congrats!

    Our ewe got into the chicken coop again and into the corn and chicken feed !! The ram is eating and the ewe is acting up ...not eating...looking sick with a runny bottom. Never ends here : ).

  3. perhaps it's time for a 'lambcam' in the barn?

    Mrs. C