Monday, January 26, 2009


In my oh-so-humble opinion, a hoarfrost is one of the most beautiful, magical natural events, with amazing powers of transformation. We were graced with one last Monday morning.*

Primo was the first one up, as usual, and the first one to take the camera out, though he didn't venture far beyond the back door. It was a little too dark to see the hoarfrost clearly.

Secondo got dressed a little while later and toured the farm as the sun was coming up.


The day never got very bright, and my attempts reflect the lurking grey snow sky.


The boys spent the morning cleaning off the pond, which was frozen solid, and then skated to their hearts' content with their friends and Dusty. (Dusty added an extreme element to the hockey game by forming his own team with his own rules: he chased and tackled players, guarded the goals, and stole the puck indiscriminately. Of course, I have no pictures.)

The sky finally released the snow in the late afternoon, but it was a disappointment: just enough to cover up the ice again, but not enough to postpone school the next day. Luckily, we didn't need to plow...


*In blogging, as with everything else my life, I am about 7.3 days behind at this point. It is a vast improvement on the 21+ days I was running on about two weeks ago.


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  2. I thought it was only me who thought all the sparkle was magic.