Saturday, April 25, 2015

gunning it

"Gunning it" is Secondo's favorite phrase these days. To be technically correct, I should say "gunnin' it" since that is how he pronounces it. Had to rush to get on the bus? He was gunnin' it. Trying to finish a track practice quickly? Everyone was gunnin' it. So on and so forth. You get the idea.

Last weekend was spent on a lovely interlude with my husband in Boston, and I hope to have a post up about that at some point. My wonderful parents and the younger two boys stayed at home and fed sheep and otherwise held down the fort and made it all possible.

Since I got back, however, I have been gunnin' it. Maryland is next this coming weekend. Yikes, when it is typed out in black and white like that, it is even more scary.

I have a great new dyeing station, thanks to a hand-me-down from my parents. Built by my father, and so able to withstand gale force winds, thousand-pound weights, and other challenges, it was a TV stand in a former life. Now it can just hold two turkey cookers side by side, with all my supplies stored conveniently underneath and not scattered to the four winds as they used to be.

Just some of the dyeing output, that needs to be weighed and packaged. Did I mention that Maryland is this coming weekend? Packaging is one of those stupid things that takes far more time and effort than it seems it should. 

I am also making a dent on skirting fleeces! This is fleece three for today, from one of the rams and the only fleece that didn't stay covered. Of course it is so gorgeous that it makes me want to weep that it has some veg in it. When we did the initial skirting on shearing day, we threw out the worst of it along the spine of his back. The rest is definitely worth saving, for someone who has the patience to comb it and get out the remaining bits. It will be for sale at, you guessed it, Maryland this coming weekend. I just have to gun it to get it packaged up.

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