Thursday, June 4, 2015

no agenda

Legal work is like kudzu in more ways than one. It goes mile a minute, it grows when you aren't looking, and before you know it, you are completely enmeshed. I tried working part-time in the past and so I am well aware of the constant battle to contain the creeping crud. These days, as the state of this blog may have indicated, I am up to a solid four days a week; I started at a firm "no more than two days" in September. I was relieved today to find out that a knitting class, scheduled for Saturday, has to be postponed. That's fine, at the moment. So is the steady legal work, because that college tuition bill will be due in two months and counting.

But the result is very little time for anything that doesn't involve the family's immediate survival.

I had a church meeting to attend this past weekend, and I was fretting about the added time commitment. "What's the problem?" my husband said. "Just take along some knitting and you'll be fine."

Except that I had no knitting to take. He was aghast, and somewhat concerned that I might be slightly depressed. I am not, I am just chronically short of time, but I appreciated the concern.

So I cast on for a "no agenda" project that morning, before the meeting. I am not designing anything, though I should be. I am not making it for someone else, though I should be.

I am just knitting.

I queued this pattern on Ravelry on March 3, 2010. (God bless Ravelry for its amazing recordkeeping capacity.) I purchased the yarn at Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival in 2011. I paired the two in my sock project grab bag in 2012.

I finally cast on this past Saturday, and I am almost down to the heel on the first sock.

It may not be the best fit for my leg. It may not be the best pairing between pattern and yarn. Quite honestly, I do not care. It is lovely, almost mindless, deeply satisfying knitting, and I am enjoying the heck out of the pastime.


  1. Knitting saves the day again. Yes, that need to just knit nemmind what, is very real. Your husband is a gem for reminding you of that!

  2. Almost mindless knitting has saved my sanity many a time. Nice that your husband is so observant!