Friday, August 29, 2014

moments like these

Contrary to appearances, I haven't been sitting by the window mourning the absence of one of my children. Actually, we have been in touch more the last week than the previous month, mostly due to him running into issues here and there that required either assistance (bank account suspended) or input (locked himself out of his room).

No, if Monday taught me anything, it drive home with a sledgehammer that these days are fleeting and it's critical to pay attention to the important things and not all the flotsam and jetsam crap. So Wednesday was spent here, with my younger two plus friends and relations:

And Thursday was spent here, with my husband as well:

Today I had to work in my husband's office. Our car has been in the shop all week. When we picked it up last night, Terzo got in the car, spied a paper on the floor, and said, "Oh yeah! I forgot! I was supposed to go to the middle school to practice opening my locker with the combination this week. Can we do that? I don't know how to open a locker! I don't even know how to find my locker!"

This was the last day to do it.

Now, we all know that if it had been my first born, I would have already accomplished the task this week, all planned out in advance with a special lunch included. No way could I tell this kid it was impossible, because I was tied to the phone in his dad's office all day. 

We shut the office down for an hour. It wasn't exactly a planned special event complete with lunch...

But at the end of it, he knew the location of his locker, the combination, and how to use it.

Mission accomplished, even if the bar was practically on the ground. I ignored all the moms there with special decorations to outfit the inside of the lockers. He can get into the dang thing! In keeping with the rest of the week, I am maintaining focus on what really matters.

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  1. I have so failed in the decorate your locker department with Thing 3. Things 1 & 2 didn't care, but Thing 3 is that kid, the one who wants a decorated locker. Thankfully Thing 1 took some pity on her before he left, and drove her to Target to get her all set up.