Wednesday, August 6, 2014

fortunate fairgoers

Our 4-H county is very lucky to have Howell Living History Farm as part of its park system. Intended to recreate a farm in the period 1890 to 1910, it serves as a step back in time. The long entrance lane is the perfect gateway to make the transition from modern life into history. Even technology senses the change; cell phone coverage is spotty at best.

This has been the site of our 4-H fair for the past seven years. No carnival rides, no commercial vendors, just the 4-H kids, their projects, and the unique assets of this beautiful place. Kids from other counties are in awe of the luck of our kids.

I looked up at one point during the fair and this magnificent team of oxen was strolling by on the path near our tent, pulling a cart. It might have as easily been a steam-driven tractor, or a team of horses pulling a hay cart. It's that amazing of a place.

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