Monday, December 3, 2012

car elf

A beautiful sunrise through thick fog this morning...

It called for a quick picture (quick! before the sun gets up too far and ruins it!) but I had one problem: my car was in the frame and I was in my pjs and bare feet.

Actually, no problem after all, because now I have a car elf, aka Primo, who was up and dressed for school. I dispatched my car elf to move the car out of the way, I got the shot, he put it back and even returned the keys to their rightful spot.

Ha ha ha! Just kidding about that last one.

I have discovered that a car elf is all kinds of useful. In addition to getting his own butt to work and girlfriend's house and cross country practice, a car elf can take his brothers to their piano lessons, stop at the store for milk, and pick up pizza for dinner.

The only problem is that a car elf doesn't limit himself to service of his mother's driving needs, and more's the pity. The car elf also decided he was driving himself to school today, for the first time, in that thick soupy fog.

That, plus the fact that the car elf has a girlfriend to drive around with unsupervised, is enough to make any mother rethink the advantages of the situation. The loss of sleep may outweigh any perceived benefits.

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