Tuesday, December 11, 2012

brotherly love

Haven't said too much about Christmas crafting this year, mostly because I am doing very little of it. I have one little surprise up my sleeve, and I am just waiting for a sunny day to get good pictures, but other than that, things are very quiet on that front. I also managed to get not one, but two photo books done for the boys: last year, as is the tradition, plus 2007, to catch up a little.

A little holiday prep is happening... No tree yet, because it hasn't stopped raining long enough for them to dry out. Plus the older two are working at a tree stand, and it is mighty difficult to get everyone together during daylight hours.

I am grateful that I have boys with such a good work ethic, but a bit melancholy that it is taking them away so much this season. My disappointment is nothing compared to Terzo's. In a taste of things to come, he is feeling quite abandoned.

I did grab all three long enough to get them interested in making cut-out cookies tonight, while waiting for my parents to come over for dinner. The dough had been sitting in the fridge for two days, since they lost interest in the project on Sunday, and I was afraid it was going to start growing undesirables.

Don't be fooled by the five seconds of harmony captured by the camera.

The middle one, amazingly enough given his rocky early years, is the only even keel these days. He patiently rolled and cut and decorated as the sturm and drang unfolded around him.

The picture was taken just after the littlest one cried (and tried to flounce off) because the older two were picking on him for his cookie cutting skills, and just before the big one took offense (and did flounce off for a while) because the little one smacked his hand for eating cookie dough.

I've learned to take five seconds of brotherly togetherness when it happens, because that's about all we get these days. Come next year, I will re-discover these pictures when I am putting together the album for 2012, and stick them in. Hopefully the flouncing will be forgotten by then, thanks to lack of documentation. Memories are a lot how you make them.

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