Thursday, October 25, 2012

running a 5K

In the every mounting pantheon of crazy crap Kris does, I think the one I am working on right now may just take the cake.

I am running a 5K race.

Not in the way you think.

What I am doing is organizing a 5K race and that is a whole 'nother level of nuts.

I hatched this idea back in March, when our church was challenged to find innovative ways to raise money to purchase anti-malarial nets in Africa. I thought this would be a great way to involve the wider community in the cause, enjoy a great day out in the country (actually our neighborhood), promote healthy exercise, blah blah blah. My family pledged their support, I pitched the idea to our church's vestry, and we were on.

My line of thought was along the lines of, well, just how hard can this be?

The race is now two days away and now I know exactly how hard it is. I am getting a ton of help, from my family and the rest of the church, but it is a ton of work. We are almost there though... over 150 people are registered and who knows how many will show up on race day. I think we are in good shape but I will be happy when it is all done.

Fingers are crossed for dry weather on Saturday morning!


  1. Good Luck! Will keep my fingers crossed for good weather. I am running a 5K Saturday AM too- though not "running" it.... LOL! Wish I could be running in yours-will be thinking NJ thoughts!

  2. We are thinking of you this morning! Hope it's a great success. At least you are going to miss the hurricane by a hair :)

  3. Been thinking of you all day...thank goodness you squeezed in before Sandy! I'm certain it was a huge success because you planned it...and I know how good you are at that sort of thing. Hope you're kicking back with a celebratory glass of vino. Cheers!