Saturday, October 6, 2012

kings county fiber festival

One of the great things about my friend Robin is that she is pretty much up for any crazy plan I propose, including driving to Brooklyn to help me vend at a newly-created fiber festival. Never mind that she has never vended before, or for that matter, ever been to Brooklyn before. She doesn't let such things stand in her way.

It was a very crazy week this week. I drove to Primo's school five times (it is about 35 minutes away, and he normally takes the bus), to a Princeton doctor's office three times (25 minutes away), and to Philadelphia once (50 minutes away). Around about Wednesday, I decided that there was no time for extensive planning or even stock replenishment for this festival. I let go of the worry that had been plaguing me, and I really must do this more often, because it was absolutely liberating. Robin and I were going to have to fly by the seat of our pants and hope that we could pull it off. We managed a phone conversation yesterday afternoon about necessary booth supplies, but that was just about it. She pulled up at my house at 6:20 this morning, the boys kindly woke up and helped us load the car, and we were off.

Robin was very game about driving in Brooklyn, though when mapquest told us we had to make a u-turn to get to our destination, she became a little perturbed.

We arrived in one piece, however, and set up in record time despite a little mishap with the EZ Up tent (which I was able to solve with a crochet hook; is there any problem a crochet hook can't solve? with the exception of those that can only be solved with binder twine or duct tape, of course). Despite our general lack of planning, the booth came out quite respectable. It just goes to prove, yet again, that hours of agonizing about something are usually unnecessary. You think I would learn at some point.

Robin spent much of the day introducing people to the joys of drop spindling. Even little people!

I spent the day worrying about the fleece talk I was scheduled to give at 4 pm. Of course, it was completely unnecessary... see point above, still unlearned! Luckily no pictures of me giving my little talk (because Robin was swamped while I was out of the booth, Murphy's Law) but it went quite well.

It was a busy, busy day. I enjoyed the treat of a visit from my parents and my brother and his wonderful family, including my two little nephews. Unfortunately, no pictures, because of course I had completely lost my head by this point, plus the booth was really, really busy. It didn't stop until we were breaking down. Literally. Someone asked us about a product as we were packing up, and who can say no to a sale?

Another completely different adventure tomorrow, in the rain it looks like...

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