Wednesday, September 5, 2012

you shall not pass

Found at the top of the stairs out the back door this morning:

Having trouble seeing her? Try this one:

The boys were so entranced by her and her beautiful, perfect web that they did all chores using the front door egress, which requires a lot of extra walking. You can see the chicken coop in the background of the first picture, and the rabbit hutch is immediately to the right of her web, so that is some spider love.

We watched her carefully spin a new one tonight while we grilled dinner. Nature in all its wonder never fails to astonish and amaze.


  1. SO beautiful. I LOVE spider webs...not to thrilled with the creator of such but I guess you can't have one without the other :0). I think that is an argiope spider but I can't be sure only seeing the under side. If it is yellow and black I'm pretty sure that is what it is.

  2. It's a very nice spider and I'm very impressed that you have not felt the need to at the very least "relocate" it. Donna sent me here btw. Through my childhood, I've been bitten by a number of spiders. So I'm not likely to be as accommodating as you have been. lol I agree their creations make beautiful photographs. But I also know the ONLY times I have ever come close to anything called "dancing" has been after walking into one of those. It's an instinctive reaction to start shucking and jiving your way away.