Sunday, September 23, 2012

mister no name

The ram lamb is doing fine but I still don't have a picture and he still doesn't have a name. Thanks for all the suggestions though, they definitely primed the name pump and we finally had a discussion over dinner tonight with some (gasp!) family participation in the matter.

Secondo and Terzo are lobbying for Legolas (the elf from Lord of the Rings). Primo's choice is Leonidas (don't be too impressed by his knowledge of ancient Greece, his source was the movie 300). Don't judge me for the movies my kids love, they are all boy, but I would like to note for the record that Terzo hasn't watched 300. Yet.

Meanwhile my LSH suggested Sir Lancelot. I told him there was no way I was taking a ram with that name to the 4-H county fair as we would be barred from any further 4-H participation due to inappropriate behavior.

I prefer Leonardo and I am just waiting for everyone else to abandon their choices and vote for mine. I'll wear them down yet. Probably about the same time I get a picture of the ram.

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  1. I vote for Leonardo. It is my town. :) :) :)

    Beverly (fleuramour)