Thursday, November 3, 2011

hat central

Have you caught up with that barrage of late-October posts yet? It is an accurate reflection of what October is like around here. We turn the calendar page to November and things automatically calm down a bit.

I finally have time to do a bit of knitting, though I am still a little scattered! Here is my project area in the living room: three hats going at once. From left to right:

  • a double knitted hat in the local high school colors because I wanted to learn how to do reversible knitting; may be a Christmas gift for my sophomore.
  • a baby hat for the imminent church auction.
  • the beginning of an idea for a published hat pattern. 
If I could concentrate on just one at a time, I might actually produce an item to keep someone's head warm.


  1. Scattered? You?

    And amazing that you make so much progress. I've filled my African basket with plans and ideas for more projects than I can possibly do by the end of the year. But I suppose that is a weird kind of my personal sense of normal.

    Knit on!