Sunday, August 21, 2011

overheard at the show

Our family (except me, I was at a church retreat most of the day) spent yesterday at a local livestock show. It is a multi species show, which is nice because most of the members of their 4-H club were there as well.

Terzo was wandering around the show arena with a friend of his:

Terzo: "Look, Katie! Llamas!"

Katie: "Those aren't llamas! Those are alfalfas!"

Terzo: "No, they're not! That's a kind of HAY."

(They were, of course, alpacas.)


  1. Give that special boy a prize: He may not have known the differences between llamas and alpacas (Hey, I tend to get confused!), but he certainly knows that alfalfa isn't an animal, but rather it's what they eat.

  2. Oh, that is priceless!! Absolutely made my day.