Monday, August 1, 2011

fair recap

Sorry to leave you hanging... of course the tractor was put back together. It's a very dedicated group.

The outside of the engine, as nice as it looked in relation to the rest of the tractor, gave no indication of all the work that had gone on underneath.

But the donations "can" (the top is the old gas tank from the tractor, which has to be replaced) was a great hit and helped the kids get a few steps closer to their goal.

The sheer amount of work and money needed to finish this project made such an impression on another club from the county that they donated some of their hard-earned fair dollars to the tractor club. It still brings tears to my eyes to think about their generosity of spirit.

The fair went by in a blur, which is usually the way of it.

Kanga Jr. was very well behaved for her showman, though it took some effort to get her into just the right position.

Oreo made it to the fair, and the rabbit judge commented that he was a bit overweight. Secondo considered that a compliment, considering how close to death Oreo was just two short months ago. (Actually, she was impressed that he had pulled Oreo through that ordeal.)

Primo won the amateur section of the dairy goat milking contest, which was really no surprise, considering all the coaching he has been getting lately from another member of the club.

The hit of the fair, I think, was a new feature: the animal costume contest.

The ever-patient and (to her mind) long-suffering Giulia tolerated being dressed up as a turtle.

Oreo represented his namesake, along with a glass of goat's milk, as "The Perfect Snack."

Harry and Hermione managed to pull off a second place ribbon, though Hermione (her actual name, I might add) was none too happy about the hat.

All in all, a good fair, which means it should take us about 2.3 weeks to recover.


  1. Thanks for the recap. Even though I was at the fair I am sorry to say that missed the sheep show and costume contest - too busy with other aspects of the fair.
    I am not sure why the women in the background seem to be frowning at Guilia's costume. What's up with that? On another angle Hermione seems to like the GI goat in front of her!

  2. What fun!! Sorry we missed the costume contest! Congratulations to everyone--and especially to you: You were standing after two full days! (Do they give prizes to leaders? Never!)

  3. Love the fair updates! May you recover soon.

  4. Wow! I love Giulia in the costume. What a riot. And Oreo looks very healthy and happy. Your boys are wonderful!