Sunday, July 10, 2011

surefire sign

Today we were displaying the international symbol for "our kids just got back from camp, and now we are dealing with the aftermath":

Nothing like the smell of sleeping bags dried in the sun to dispel the horrendous odors that came home with them.


  1. Kris-
    Zach was at Boy Scout camp for 5 days, 4 nights in 98 degree Texas heat. He also admitted that he did not take a shower at all in that time. At least he went swimming every day. Oh, and I had to throw out 3 pairs of socks too-no way were they ever going to be clean again!


  2. I used to go to the 2nd hand store and get boys bathing suits for scout camp. After being left wet on the tent floor and walked on with muddy shoes for a week they were just trash when they made it home. Often I wished they didn't even make it home. No counselors checking for messy tents at scout camp!