Saturday, July 9, 2011


Older two boys were at camp this past week, so it was very quiet and tidy and relatively calm around these parts.

The littlest one was heart-broken this year at being left behind. Next year -- his last one before he is finally old enough to go -- will be even worse, I suspect.

The camp looked its usual idyllic self when we arrived this morning, though they had quite a dramatic final night. A powerful wave of thunderstorms swept through the state yesterday afternoon, and they lost power (and therefore water). They enjoyed the ceremonies by lantern light, but they sure were stinky without that last shower.

Now we all need to adjust to the pace of having them back. It may have been quiet, but it was pretty empty as well. It was certainly nice to have a full dinner table again. The little rituals of life that renew your gratefulness for the pace of a family.

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