Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sunshine and lollipops and rainbows

Early one morning a few days ago, the phone rang and caller ID revealed it was my wonderful husband's cell phone. (In addition to all other reasons he is wonderful, a cell phone call from him that early in the morning means he is out doing the farm chores).

Now, a phone call while he is out doing chores can mean one of just a few things:
  1. please turn on the back faucet, I need to fill up a stock tank;
  2. did you remember to get cat food for the barn cats; 
  3. how many sheep are supposed to be in X pasture; or
  4. emergency, come quickly, a sheep is sick (or worse).

95% of the time, the reason for him calling is reason 1. Occasionally reason 2 is thrown in because I usually manage to get the cat food but unload it in odd places. However, my mind skips immediately, without fail, to reason 4, and my heart proceeds directly to my throat.

When he called the other morning, I was down in the basement doing laundry and Secondo answered the phone. My LSH could hear me thundering up the steps yelling "what's wrong? what's going on? what happened?" and so, simultaneously, he was saying "tell your mom it's OK! nothing's wrong! nothing happened!" because he knows all too well how my mind works.

What he wanted to tell us was to look outside, so we could see this out the front door:

And this out the back:

And while we're at it, the side as well (though none really do it justice, of course).

OK, so I lied about the lollipops.


  1. nice it was a good message. I am with you on the #4 reason.
    Why are we wired like that?

  2. Lesley Gore would forgive you for the absence of lollipops. The sunrise and pictures more than make up for the omission.
    Sibling of ocsasional farm and domestic keeper.