Friday, October 22, 2010

rhinebeck the sequel

One of my pet peeves is when bloggers say that they will post pictures "tomorrow" and then they don't get back to it for, like, five days.

Drives me nuts.

So without further ado, here are more pictures of Rhinebeck in no particular order:

Awesome sheepy-specific sand sculpture at one entrance.

Judy Pascale teaching us Important Stuff on Friday.

I love watching set up on Friday night...

and early Saturday morning.
It feels as if the entire fairground is holding its breath --

for the onslaught.

Terzo was pleased by his blue ribbon
in the "junior" category.
(Photo may look familiar.)

Secondo was equally pleased --
and he was competing against adults.
The arrangement of needlefelted fruit & veggies
was entirely his idea and execution.

Fleece to shawl competition
(start with a raw fleece; carders card, spinners spin, weavers weave)
is always a pleasure to watch.

And look! I couldn't possibly miss Risa (for once!)
in this get-up, which she purchased the day before at a thrift shop
Thrift stores score again!

It being fall, pumpkins are carved,

and pumpkins are chucked.
The team in the front (from a high school engineering club)
is celebrating hitting the target twice in a row.

Time to go home.
Sheep queue up to be sheared as the festival ends.


  1. You did your blogger duty and followed up with some great pics, thanks!

  2. Lovely full of fall photos! Looks like a great time!

  3. LOL, my blog must drive you nuts. I maintain that I need one of the new iPods, which finally have cameras in them.

    Glad to see you had fun at Rhinebeck!

  4. Thanks for the visual prompts...only wish we could have made it. Only one question: how much yarn did you come home with?

  5. Really, that comment wasn't aimed at anyone but myself!

    And I only came home with two skeins, one of which I had to purchase for one of my classes -- as I had a dearth of fingering yarn in my stash that wasn't already committed to other projects. I was so busy that I didn't really shop. Even forgot to buy my soap, ack!

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