Friday, February 12, 2010

quiet time

One of my friends was stopping by this morning to take a look at the finished sheepskins (darn! I just realized that I failed to get a picture of the "after" for the blog, since you were forced to suffer through the "before"). I wanted to make sure I didn't miss her at the front door -- a common occurrence when I am working out in my LSH's office -- so I plunked myself down in the living room with my latest project and a cup of coffee. The dogs soon settled with me... the clock was ticking softly... and that was the only sound to be heard, apart from the click of the needles.

The view to my left: Charlie resting in the warmth of the sun...


The view to the right: Dusty, my constant shadow...


A perfectly lovely way to spend half of an hour, in perfectly delightful company.


  1. Looks peaceful...just hope it lasted longer than 10 minutes and you made some good progress on your latest project.