Thursday, March 12, 2009

done lambing

Well, it's pretty official. We are all done. This little guy arrived, with considerable assistance (his elbows were locked) on Tuesday morning.


A quick udder check of the remaining ewes who were exposed to the ram seems to indicate there are no more on the way. The official tally is two ram lambs and one ewe lamb, with one lamb lost. A pretty poor year, all told, but that's OK. We don't have much hay left, thanks to last spring's drought, and we just might be able to eke through until the grass comes in. We have one lamb per 4-H kid (my two, plus a friend of Primo's). And we are done with the barn checks, for the time being.

Next big sheep event: shearing! Stay tuned...


  1. Every time that I need a smile I just come back to see this little guy again. The twins are precious too but he seems have captured my

  2. What a great little guy. Nothing wrong with a nice, quiet lambing year :* )

  3. Feel free to borrow any of my lambs you need...this little guy is a cutie though!