Sunday, March 8, 2009

the cheese stands alone

Just so all my loyal readers don't have to spend the rest of the weekend in suspense about the color of paint in my hallway, I will dash off this quick update post. First and foremost, thanks for all the thoughtful supportive comments yesterday. They were much appreciated in my hour of annoyedness.

To break the impasse we were experiencing here (because everyone else in the house loves the color and cannot appreciate my dilemma, and furthermore rolls their collective eyes in a "here we go again" sort of manner), I decided to take action by inviting other people over to get their opinion. I must admit that I stacked the deck with people who are, by blood relationship, required to take my side on all matters. Unfortunately, it did me no good. They decided to be impartial and took my LSH's side. The paint color is great, it really brightens up the house, what did I expect when the color was called "tawny bisque," yada yada yada.

In other words, I am the only person whose teeth are set on edge by this color, which I guess is an argument for leaving it as is. It certainly undermined my position that the color had to be changed right now.

In truth, most of the color clash problem could be eliminated by changing the living room wallpaper. And therein lies the home decorating rub. You fix one thing... and then the rest of it looks terrible and needs to be fixed, and you have unleashed an avalanche of work and decisions. Blech. From now on, I will just live with the color of drywall on my walls.


  1. Well, Madam Cheese, I would still vote for changing the color if you hate it! Wish I could come over and cast a vote for you! LOL! Repainting a hallway sounds a heck of a lot easier than changing wallpaper!

  2. So you are the only one whose teeth are set on edge by this color? Dearest farm wife, at the end of the day, yours are the teeth that matter! Well meaning non-residents don't get a vote. And the rest of the household is made up of males! Males look at colors and say things like "that is a towel color!" What is a little paint compared to your mental well being? You are the only one who will notice the color and you should love it!

  3. I think Beth has nailed the opposition well. And, excuse me, none of your blood relatives that I heard thought it was absolutely the be-all end-all. Knowing one of them very, very well, I know that she (me) wouldn't have ever wanted the color on her walls. But I must also admit that I was prepared for a much, much more offensive orange color.

    My question: Do you hate the color--or do you hate the clash of the color with the living room? If it's the former, you need to change it. Period.

  4. I think we need photographic evidence.

    mrs. c