Wednesday, September 3, 2008

no mo' mojo

My knitting mojo is gone. Vanished. Kaput.

The very thing that used to keep me sane is, all of a sudden, no longer of interest to me, and worst of all, I have no idea why. I think about various projects, but I can't be bothered to pick up any particular one and work on it. The holiday weekend meant a long-ish car ride, which is usually prime knitting time as my LSH refuses to let me drive when he is in the car insists on driving so I can knit away. I had to force myself to bring along my first pair of SOS socks (which are obviously still not done, and let's please not reflect on how long that one pair has taken me). I ended up reading a magazine for most of the trip instead.

Sigh. It's all very mystifying and depressing.

I am hoping my knitting mojo will return soon, especially before I have to start working on all those Christmas gifts I have planned and already purchased yarn for. My next few days of posts will be on projects completed in the not-too-distant past,with the hope that my reflection on those past triumphs will somehow shake me out of my slump.

Bear with me, please, and keep your fingers crossed that it works.


  1. It came to visit me. Shall I send it back?

    Mrs. C

  2. You always come through during crunch time. You just need a little pressure to make it more interesting. Your mojo will return. Wait and see. In the meantime, I don't want to hear about you curled up in your blue afghan.

  3. No worries, Mrs. C, I can pick it up at Rhinebeck if it hasn't returned on its own by then.

    Pegelah, you know me too well, and there is no doubt that I will be knitting away on Christmas Eve, no matter when my mojo makes its reappearance.

  4. Your mojo went where mine is...lost in the void of other pressing matters. Mine will come back, I'm sure of will yours. Maybe the listing of projects accomplished will help