Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fatted calf

For the first time in a month... we were five at the table instead of just four.

We have seen Primo quite often since he left, about once a week, but he hasn't been home. We didn't kid ourselves that he came home to see us—he asked for a ride back yesterday so he could pick up his car and go visit his girlfriend at her college. But he did propose having dinner with us before we had to take him back again tonight.

So, fatted calf was killed, in the form of his favorite dinner, which is lasagna, at the top. The ziti on the bottom is for my middle child, who hates lasagna. At least I won't have to cook tomorrow night. The bread was my one cheat, compliments of Pillsbury.

Homemade dessert even! An apple pie, their favorite, with a "B" and four hearts, for my four boys. My to-do list was completely neglected in favor of all this cooking. It can go take a flying leap, along with all the laundry that didn't get done either. It was a nice dinner, even if we do have to retrain Primo in the fine art of not texting while at the dinner table and other niceties. Seems they leave for a month and revert to their wild untamed ways.

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