Thursday, July 2, 2015

blueberry run gastronomy

Our annual run down to deepest South Jersey for our beloved blueberries. I write this post annually so I have a place to note how many flats I buy.

Last year, it was 9.5 and we barely made it to the beginning of May with our frozen berry supply.

So this year, I upped it to 12 flats. (Those aren't all our flats. I am a blueberry mule; the wagon held a total of 31 flats for 11 families, including ours.)

I am already worried that it won't be enough.

Despite snarfing down a pint of blueberries each before we went five miles, they still insisted that we stop at a BBQ place that we have passed every year, but has never been open.

We found out that we have to go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday to hit this one. (On Route 206 in Shamong, if you want to go.) We tried the ribs and pulled chicken and then brought home pulled pork for dinner. We highly recommend them all. 

But that wasn't enough. 

Tradition demanded a stop at the White Dotte less than a half hour later for root beer floats.

We rolled home, unloaded berries and have been entertaining a steady stream of customers for pick up ever since.

Guess what I'll be doing on my holiday? Luckily, freezing berries is so easy! No need to flash freeze. Just wash and lay out to dry (I run a fan to help this step along) then bag and freeze. Enjoy all summer, fall, winter, and hopefully spring, long!

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