Saturday, April 6, 2013

rookie mistake

Because his office is in our house, my LSH doesn't get out much. This means that he is always up for a trip to pick up milk, for example, just to change the view a bit, but this can also make for a little stir-crazy.

So for gifts, I try to get him out of the neighborhood. One year we went to New Orleans. This year, I planned a trip to a Broadway show and an overnight in NYC.

Tickets to the play Book of Mormon are fiendishly hard to get, even months in advance. I spent hours trying to find two halfway decent seats that didn't break the bank. (For the record: it wasn't worth it, even for these two South Park fans.) I was so focused on this task that I made the ultimate rookie shepherding mistake:

I didn't check the lambing dates.

Foolish me, I booked the tickets for last night, smack in the middle of lambing season.

On Monday, my LSH admitted that we had better cancel the hotel room, and my parents' plan to come up for the night to stay with the boys. We couldn't afford to be gone that long. I reluctantly agreed.

As the week progressed, and more and more lambs made their appearance, it seemed that we were going to be OK for the night, with one exception: Jenny still hadn't lambed.

And she was due yesterday.

I lined up a back-up shepherd but it was quite a relief to go out with the 1 pm bottle and see this sight:

A single pregnant ewe in a field, with the other one nowhere in sight, could only mean one thing.

Yep. Jenny was tucked in the corner of the shed, out of sight, with her three new lambs. Two white rams, and one black ewe.


I hustled to get them all settled in the jug recently vacated by Henrietta. The barn was reconfigured once more, to allow Jasmine, Holly and Henrietta to mingle. This caused no small amount of chaos as lambs called, ewes answered, and Holly and Henrietta duked out their relationship again (Holly and Jasmine had settled the score yesterday).

That just leaves poor, confused Kali, the central white ewe in the video. She is completely baffled as to why everyone else has these little noisy things running around after them, and she does not.

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