Thursday, February 12, 2009

puppy daze

My day started with me chasing the puppy down the driveway while he did his best to follow Primo onto the bus. I was clad in my rumpliest pajamas, slippers and terrycloth robe, while the bus full of middle schoolers waited patiently at the end of the drive.

It progressed to washing said puppy on the back porch one hour later, because he had decided to explore the skim of ice on the pond and became nice and muddy (his opinion) after falling in.

He figured out how to escape the puppy run in the kitchen later in the afternoon. (He has been confined to a smaller space after he discovered the joys of teething on the corners of the oak cabinets.) He peed on every stair step on his way from Primo's bedroom to the front door. (Luckily I was at work by this time.) He picked up two ticks and had to be very forcibly restrained as we got them off.

And at the moment, he is catching and chewing on his own tail. No, wait. He is eating a lego Star Wars ship. No, wait. He is licking and gnawing on the carpet. (I don't even want to consider why.) I better go ahead and publish this before he comes up with another dastardly plan to drive me up the wall.


Cuteness is no defense.


  1. It's always when we are at our "personal best" that these situations arise!

    Mrs. C

  2. Oh my! You know, every time I start whining to DH that I want a cat or dog, I will read a story like yours and come to my senses! LOL!

    Have fun!


  3. : ) good thing he is not a sheep...would be sausage by now - lol.

  4. We just love puppies....the little terrors! :D