Thursday, December 4, 2008

shocking news, details at 11!

If you had asked me, up until a week ago, if I had a wool/yarn stash, I would have answered with an emphatic NO. I tend not to come home from wool festivals loaded down with yarn, I don't get to yarn stores nearly as often as I would like, I don't order yarn online. I honestly thought that I was monogamously loyal to one project, buying yarn just as needed and knitting away in a dedicated matter until a particular project was complete.

So imagine my shock when I discovered this past weekend, while organizing the big closet and my son's new room, that I do indeed have a stash.

I found myself saying things like, "just pile those balls of roving over there, I'll put them away later." My LSH kept asking me what was in this cabinet or that rubbermaid tote, and the answer was, invariably, "oh, yarn." I said it in an airy, non-chalant tone to convey a lack of concern, but I found myself repeating those phrases a disturbing number of times, until, upon surveying the contents of the room, I was forced to admit that I had quite a bit of fiber in there. (I think the fact that it was previously stored in several different locations contributed to the illusion that I didn't really have that much.) Moreover, I have an entire rubbermaid tub full of UFOs now, thanks to my effort to put them all in one place.

And yet... and yet... I still feel like I don't have enough yarn. I know, it's another sign of the self-delusion. Much as I thought I avoided it all this time, I have been blindsided by a stash. Or maybe my refusal to acknowledge it is just another symptom of my denial?


  1. I see your wool and raise you a skein.
    Just wait until you have been a knitter/needlepointer/embroiderer/crocheter for more than 55 years!
    Guess Who from Medford

  2. Snicker!!! Just wait until the spinning wheels start to multiply (they do, you know - not a darn thing you can do about it!) And then the loom arrives..........

  3. I blame it on the economy. How do I know I will be able to buy yarn/fiber/dye/equipment again?!?! The sky is falling after all! ;)

  4. Welcome to the group. We have support meetings monthly