Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rhinebeck from a to z

A fun but exhausting time, mostly spent in the
Breed barn setting up and manning the
Coopworth sheep

Excited to be part of Rhinebeck again, but
Freezing cold this year, especially at night camping near the stinky
Goat tent.
Help was provided
In spades by my parents.
Judging happened on Saturday morning.
Kame (sorry) in fourth place out of twenty.

LSH drove up to Rhinebeck on Saturday for the first (!!!) time,
Making my weekend.
Not a lot of time to shop
Or go to Ravelry meet-ups.
Purchases were few, though we got a
Quality hand-made broom and had
Razor-sharp edges put on our sheep shears; picked up our favorite
Soap (and more soap) and chose the booth of
Touch of Twist for the obligatory yarn.

Unbelievably excited to see Primo in new sheep book.
Very tired after breaking down at 5:30 pm on Sunday.
Went the wrong way on the
Yet still made it home to find the
Zenith of my weekend: a Golding spindle, a surprise from my wonderful LSH.


  1. Your booth is great looking!!! And congratulations on your spindle!!!

  2. Kris,

    That is the spindle that I would have purchased had I needed another spindle. Beautiful.

  3. Congratulations on the booth award! Big news there. Sorry I had to resist Rhinebeck this year. p. s. i think you won something over at countrydocswife!

    Mrs. C

  4. what a great looking booth! You deserved much better than that! How sweet of LSH to drive all that way to surprise you - and, oh my! A Golding! Stand and all!!!

  5. The booth was wonderful! Glad we got to see you, even last second. Sorry about the highway! Hope we didn't confuse you. And the spindle is gorgeous! That's one of the ones I was thinking about myself. :)