Friday, November 28, 2014

lots of thanks giving

So much that my post is a day late...

I am thankful for my sons, most especially that they love each other, and (mostly) get along with each other, and treasure each other's company to the point that they all piled into Primo's bed when he came home from college and stayed up until midnight talking and reconnecting. We found them like so on Thanksgiving morning.

I am thankful that my family loves to do some things together—not all things, that would be too much to ask—but enough that everyone is willing to get up and out the door at 7 am on Thanksgiving Day to run a Turkey Trot together. In the cold. And snow. (In addition to the snow on the ground, it started snowing as we were standing on the start line. Something to add to my life list, running a 5K in the snow!)

I am thankful for a loving extended family, that welcomes others into the circle without hesitation, and heartily enjoys being together and teasing each other and discussing the intricate plot points of the Serial podcast. (You haven't listened to it yet? Seriously! Go listen! And then tell me who you think did it.)

I am thankful for little knitters, whose enthusiasm is enough to keep my feet to the fire.

Most of all, I am thankful for this wonderful man, pictured with my not-so-little niece.

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving, to give us a time to count our blessings at least once a year!

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