Tuesday, July 15, 2014

well, there's that at least

Is it ever possible to sustain an extended period of mega-productivity? My experience tends toward more of a cyclical pattern. I can be super-productive for a few days at a stretch, then I tend to collapse. I need to find that middle ground, where I can have a decent level of getting-things-done-edness on a daily basis, without driving myself into wrack and ruin. I have been this way since college though, so maybe my body is too used to this pattern.

With the younger two boys away  for the week, I was all geared up for maximum productiveness. Lists as long as my arm abound, completely necessary because I am so far behind in everything these days. Yesterday was eaten up by the drop off and all kinds of traffic to and from camp. It also included a wonderful lunch with a dear friend, a drive-by past our former house, and a really lovely travel companion with plenty of thoughtful talk, so it wasn't all bad, but it was definitely all gone.

Today was going to be my day.

Except today I woke up with a monster headache that refused to relent. After staring in a stupor at my lists for the better part of two hours, I gave up and went back to bed. The headache was finally gone when I woke up, but then again, so was most of the day. I did manage to finish up the last four flats of blueberry freezing, in the nick of time, as there was already a little mold and deflated blueberries to sort through.

On days that not one blasted thing gets crossed of my to-do list, it is often a comfort to think of one thing that I did get done. Like the blueberries being done. Well, there's that at least, I find myself thinking. Something was accomplished.

Maybe the problem is failing to take the time to pause a little bit here and there on a daily basis instead of plowing on through. Tonight the rain is falling gently, a nice contrast to the torrential downpours of the last 24 hours, and the frogs are singing. Peaceful, restorative sounds. Well, there's that at least.

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